A crowdfunding platform to buy and sell erotic content.

The challenge

PBG is a platform which erotic content creators can sell their photos and videos with the goal to raise money for the project. In the stage I was part of the team for, the platform had the goal of keeping those creators along with their content once they had finished the funding part. Also, keeping the buyers of that content and increase the engagement with the platform.

Our high level goals were:

1. Retain the creators.
2. Increase sales.
3. Make it usable. 


1 PO
2 developers


UX+UI Designer


Usability & Functionality

I researched other platforms where erotic content creators sell their goods. I looked for the data of our own platform to learn and understand stoppers and pains. The new platform would allow customers’ stars ratings for creators and favorite creators. Overall, people liked the concept of the business. There were lots of pain points with the system and how the creators and the content were catalogued.

Accessibility & Presentation

One big concern from the users was that the platform asked the users for their personal information from the beginning of creator register and buyer buyer journey, such as credit card number and phone number. Without that, you couldn’t access as a seller nor see content as a buyer. Also, the interface would work better if they reorganized the existing complicated elements.

My Role

Redesign the entire UI look & feel for desktop and mobile for Piggy Bank Girls. Creation of DS, site structures, client and buyer flows, and wireframe.

Main Tasks

1. Customers Insights & Ideation
2. Project Vision
3. Planning
4. Research and Test A/B
5. Design Execution


Team was remotely located. Developers were located in Ukraine and PO and Designer were in Barcelona. However, it was an excellent experience to understand others mindsets and work schedules.

I got essential information from Product Manager, Marketing Manager and Community Manager. For all those months, I acted as a solo designer.


These are the tools I used for design and validation.



Roboto Family was my choice to be the new face of the redesign of the platform with multi-language usernames. The old brand didn’t have any font definition, and Roboto allowed us to build a brand from scratch.



The interface elements were based on a 12 columns grid. The grid system was based on Bootstrap 3.0.


Planning of the prototype based on sketch first steps. I started to define the problems and solutions on paper. Drawing  possible choices and crossing out ideas.



Take a peek at some Workflows

Icon System


Analyzing the data from content creators, I established a system of icons for the creators kind of content and preferences to make the reading of her profile for the buyers easier.

Rate system

Content by creators has different intensities. 
To make this information easy to understand, I created a rate for videos.


Transparency on benefits increases loyalty for content creators. When creators understand what and when their videos work better they feel they are a match with the platform. Even if it sounds obvious, many platforms don’t show a clear history of what and for how much they are selling.

Buyers aren’t mobile. Our first proposal was working on mobile first, but after the first testing we discovered that buyers consume that kind of content mostly from 9 – 5, on desktop and don’t look for HD content.

Buyers are volatile. When they get tired of the content, they escape in search of another platform with new creators. Increasing the retention of buyers involves increasing the content creation of the creators and attracting new ones. Facilitate registration steps, content upload, detailed and easy, make clear and transparent what they earn, when and how with less friction.

The Results

1 %

Increased retention of the content creators.

1 %

Increased buyers loyalty.

1 %

Increased engagement with the platform.


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