A personal project for more sustainable car tips.

The problem

How can we make private car trips more sustainable in Barcelona? Each day 1,140,490 private cars enter and leave the city. Many of those vehicles have one single occupant and will keep driving despite traffic restrictions.


Individual Project


Goddess Designer


Drivers don’t want to waste time. Drivers and locals take the private vehicle to go to areas where train, bus or subway takes twice as much as the car. Although thoses drivers know the mobility apps, they prefer the private car for ease.


A collaborative mobile application for the Barcelona metropolitan area. A platform where you pay a fair to share everyday car trips.

My role

It was a personal project. Based on the user analysis, I knew that we had a problem and it was necessary to design a solution that was easy to use.


These are the tools I used for design and validation. Updated with Figma.



(Visuals from 2016)


By gathering the experiences, I defined one persona that represented the highlights of a user with both passenger and driver profiles.


«I’m really passionate about sustainability, but it can be tough to know which products are actually good for the environment.»

«I’m always looking for new tools and resources to help me make more informed shopping decisions.»

JOAN. Male, 40

Short bio: Millennial, from Barcelona
Status: Father of one child
Occupation: Tech entrepreneur
Education: College graduate
Income: 75.000 €
Environmental concerns: Very high
Tech savviness: Proficiency
Social shopping habits: Very active online shopper, frequently uses social media to research and discovery innovative products and sustainable brands.

Goals and Needs

  • Joan wants to commute and travel more sustainably, but he finds it difficult to keep track of the environmental impact of different transport services.
  • Joan is a social shopper, so he enjoys discovering new products, services and brands through family, friends, and clients.
  • He is also looking for ways to save money on his daily basis, purchases and decisions.

Color Palette

Our primary colors are orange #sunset and blue #freeocean to show Appropa’m vitality and enthusiasm, principles based on the target audience.

Draw It

The home screen allows you to search by address or, by clicking on the location icon, enter the map and draw the area of influence. Map search, Google maps API, integrates the ability to draw an area of influence, where the app will calculate a central point to enter an approximate postal address.

The app calculates the areas of influence of other users to facilitate collaborative use based on the area drawn. The steps are repeated for the destination area. We also complete periodicity details. The role that the user plays in this trip will determine the following navigation steps.

However, if the user configures a trip as a driver, the trip will simply be stored and he will not receive any more warnings until he is notified that someone has contacted him.

In conclusion

This collaborative mobile application for carpooling in the Barcelona metropolitan area solves a key problem for the user, who is looking for ways to commute and travel more sustainably. The app makes it easy for they to share their car trips with others and earn money in the process, without sacrificing the convenience of their private vehicle.

The app’s user-friendly design and safety features make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their tech savviness. Additionally, the app’s social features allow the user to connect with other drivers and passengers in their community, making the carpooling experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Overall, this app is a valuable solution for the user and other drivers who are looking for a more sustainable and affordable way to get around the Barcelona metropolitan area.

  • Drivers can earn money by sharing their car trips.
  • Passengers can save money on their transportation costs.
  • Both drivers and passengers can reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Reducing traffic congestion.
  • Improving air quality.
  • Promoting sustainable transportation.

«Help to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in the Barcelona metropolitan area.»

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